Different Trends in COVID-19 Cases between Northern States and Southern States

After May 2020, there is a Covid-19 peak shown in June and a predictable peak in this winner (hope not later than that).

The north states and southern states show different trends both on this summer and now. The new surge of Covid-19 cases is main in northern states. However, the outbreaks in southern states were more are more serious in this summer.

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Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control believed Northerners driving south to vacation cause the peak in June. However, Harvard global health institute suggested that many states lifted stay-at-home order or relaxed Covid-19 regulations in May. That led to the surge of cases in early June. [1]

As temperatures drop, the cases increase dramatically faster. That is because the behavioral changes and the enhanced efficiency of virus spread. [2] Northern states experience the cold wave and surge cases before the southern state. New cases are already several times to the number in June.

[1] https://globalhealth.harvard.edu/cases-and-deaths-are-surging-in-southern-states-not-because-of-vacationers-from-the-north/

[2] https://www.statnews.com/2020/10/20/at-a-breaking-point-new-surge-of-covid-19-cases-has-states-hospitals-scrambling-yet-again/